Get A Card

smart card
Welcome to your new SmartTAP card.

SmartTAP is a smart card with an embedded microchip that encrypts rider information for significantly improved data security. You can purchase a period pass or add fare via Pay As You Go method using your SmartTAP card. SmartTAP cards can be replenished online, at a SmartTAP vending machine at the Chemung County Transportation Center or the Arnot Mall Food Court, or over the phone.

Period Pass


One-time $5.00 fee for initial RELOADABLE card. Period passes provide unlimited rides for consecutive days from the first time it is used and expire at midnight the last day. Register your card to reload and protect your fare. You may have 2 pending passes at any given time.

Pay As You Go


One-time $5.00 fee for initial RELOADABLE card. The Pay As You Go feature allows riders to add cash value to a reloadable Navy (Local Rider) SmartTAP card. Riders can add $10-$200. See C TRAN Fare Structure for cash payment deductions according to route traveled. Register and protect your fare.